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Isaiah the Prophet speaking said, “My sword shall be bathed in Heaven: behold it shall come down upon Idumea…”(Isaiah 34:5). In other words, before his sword would be able fall upon the land, it had to first be bathed in Heaven.

I know a thing or two about swords… biblically. For starters, we know that the sword is a representative of the Word of God (Heb 4:12). We also know that the sword has been given a mandate to speak and not keep quiet; once again showing that the sword is the Word. (Jer 49:6-7). As Ambassadors of God, we cannot have a sheathed sword when the Lord our Leader has drawn his own sword out. Therefore, it is expected of us to speak as the Lord does.However, Isaiah shows us something deeper about wielding swords. So, Isaiah was saying that before his words would be licensed to make impact on any life, especially in judgment, it had to be fresh out of Heaven’s washroom such that those words are pure, refined, spirit-filled and edged for correction and not destruction.

Has your sword undergone washing in Heaven or are you simply wiping it with fabric? Are the words you speak the product of an effort to speak Christianese? Or have they been bathed in heaven’s steam such that you cannot be caught dead speaking destructive words-be they words that destroy others(self-esteem and reputation) or words that do not dignify nor represent righteousness? Are your words cloned from the religious language which are prevalent and fluttering around you? Or are they a result of a thorough heavenly bathe?

Don’t just wipe your swords with the righteous sounding clichés trending the media and your fellowship/church. Ask the Purifier of Israel, to wash your words with hyssop, to touch your lips with coal, to bathe your tongue with righteousness. With this in place, you can go ahead with utilizing your sword for attack and defense!


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