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Previously, we saw that the way to find wisdom is to go through the land of the dead. No one would go through that land except they knew the importance and worth of what lies on the other side and then decide against all odds to get it.

When you desperately need something, you can do anything to get it, and your actions will tell everyone how important it is to you.

It was based on this theory that death and destruction (the pathways to wisdom) were asked, ” How many customers do you receive annually? What’s the exchange rate for wisdom?”

I like to imagine that they laughed and said, “We have heard thereof of her fame with our ears” (emphasis mine). End of story!

Death and destruction agreed that by way of words, they indeed have heard of wisdom. But rarely does anyone cross the path to actually look for her.

Sad, right?

Talk is cheap! Many often daydream about the glory of getting wisdom. They talk about it, pray about it, discuss it, but never do anything about it.

An adage says that lots of words don’t fill a basket. Shouting “This is my Year of Greatness” wouldn’t make you great. Scribbling down mind-blowing desires and intentions will only end up wasting your ink, time and paper. As wonderful as they are, they are simply not enough. There’s a walking required after the talking.

Time does take a toll on us often. Certainly! By January, everyone has hot blood competing for passage. By August, nobody remembers that they had any plans laid aside. Time-lapse is a major enemy so how do we combat it? Set up structures!

Setting up strong structures will help revamp zeal, heighten expectation, sustain focus, dampen the desire to quit and inculcate discipline.

Such structure you could set up include the following:

♡ Become accountable to someone and give them the rights to give punishment(or reprimands) when you flaw. Especially when you’re still building discipline, this is one great structure that can help.

You could also set yourself rewards and punishment systems – severe ones.  Keeping rewards at the end of every achievement can be a real motivator.

♡ Change your company if need be. The last thing you want in your life is a black crab – someone who will keep pulling you back.

Death and destruction have heard enough of the talk. It’s time to brave up, walk that path and enjoy the reward of wisdom on the other side.


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