Who We Are

Earth Shakers' Team
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Our Ministerial Arms

Earth Shakers Ministries, as the name suggests, has various ministerial arms, including, but not limited to, the prayer wing—The Warrior’s Voice, the publication/blog team—The Warrior’s Pen, the book clubs—The Warrior’s Book, the speaking ministry—The Warrior’s Word, and the music team—The Warrior’s Song.

Our Vision/Mission (What are we doing?)

We are a network of ordinary people with different gifts/talents—writers, speakers, readers, worship leaders, prayer warriors, etc.—who are committed to bringing humanity closer to Divinity through the simplicity of our talents.

Our hope is that, through our daily lives and work, people will begin to understand the practical simplicity in Christianity, and how they can apply to their own lives the simple principles/truths that we reveal.

Our Purpose (Why are we doing it?)

Each ministry under Earth Shakers Ministries has its own purpose tied into the whole:

The Warrior’s Voice exists to pray God’s will into action on the earth (see Matthew 6:10). This was how Earth Shakers Ministries was born. In 2017, God asked us to go on a daily fasting-and-prayer journey (skipping breakfast and, sometimes, lunch) for an indefinite period of time. We obeyed and about a year later, God asked us to stop and make it a weekly fasting-and-prayer program. He also asked us to set up a website where we can put out regular posts on several life topics that will help people connect and reconnect to Him, and The Warrior’s Pen was born.

The Warrior’s Pen exists to reveal deep spiritual truths/principles based on research into what the Bible teaches, commentaries of bible scholars, the writers’ personal experiences, and other people’s experiences. On this site, you should expect to see core truths through a diverging lens that has God as its Principal Focus.

The Warrior’s Book exists to promote the practice of reading inspiring books and taking major steps to implement the lessons learnt from them. We bring people together in informal but organized book clubs. We currently have three book clubs: The Warrior Kids, The Warrior Teens, and The Warrior Adults, and we meet virtually over Skype and WhatsApp.

The Warrior’s Word and The Warrior’s Song have not been born yet, but we are pregnant with them and will surely birth them when we’ve carried them to term.

Our Target (Who are we doing it for?)

Even though the target of Earth Shakers Ministries is primarily Christians, our hope is that God, who is not limited in any way, can use any of our ministerial arms to reach any category of people however He wishes since we only present our bodies as living vessels for Him to fill up and use.

Our Core Team Members

cross in the sky
Founder/President, Earth Shakers Ministries

God is the Creator of heaven and earth and everything within and in-between. His home is in the third heaven, beyond the firmaments. He is a Spirit and so cannot be seen with the human eye. At first, He made some contacts with, and sometimes revealed Himself to, a few humans who loved Him and wanted to know more about Him. But this arrangement was heavily limited by humans’ inability to maintain their relationship with God. They needed external help, but this would incur a heavy maintenance cost; one that no human being could ever afford. So, because God loved ALL of His human creation so much and greatly desired that ALL of them may have easy and constant access to Him, He did the unthinkable by sending the only Son that He had – Jesus Christ – to come and pay the ultimate cost in order to establish a constant communication channel between Him and humans. Now God can live inside of humans as a person, called the Holy Spirit (this is known as the indwelling), through whom we can always have a conversation with God, even without seeing Him. This is a short summary of God and the gospel we share. He is the Founder/President of Earth Shakers Ministries and, therefore, the only one worthy to bear that title. We don’t know what He looks like, so we have decided to attach a picture that reminds us of the ultimate price His Son paid to win us over to God’s side.

Somto Ufondu
Somto Ufondu
Vice President,
Earth Shakers Ministries

Somto is a cheerful, purpose-defined, purpose-driven & God-loving man. His purpose in life is raising godly people and teaching them the simplicity of Christianity. He resides in Canada, where he works as an associate minister/youth pastor in his local church (Saskatoon Church of Christ). He holds a master’s degree in Geophysics from the University of Saskatchewan. He loves to play the keyboard and the guitar, write and talk about God every time he finds the opportunity to do so. He is the Vice President of Earth Shakers, an author at The Warrior’s Pen, and the prayer coordinator at The Warrior’s Voice. To read more about his salvation experience/encounter with God, please go here. He is happily married to Sandra Ufondu.

Sandra Ufondu
Chief Editor/Prayer Warrior,
The Warrior’s Pen/Voice

Sandra is a purpose-driven, inspiring and courageous young woman. She is not afraid to stand up for God even when it puts her at variance with her peers. She is committed to self-development and believes that the world can be a better place if everyone in it commits to being better through self-development and having Jesus as the focus. She is an outspoken young woman with an insatiable hunger and appetite for the things of God. She has a passion for children and families, and she loves to volunteer towards acts of service to improve humanity and promote a world where the love of Christ abounds. She is a legal practitioner and lives in Nigeria. She loves to read books and talk about God. She is the chief editor at The Warrior’s Pen and the assistant prayer coordinator at The Warrior’s Voice. She is happily married to Somto Ufondu.

Esther Okore (Zoë)
Training Coordinator, The Warrior’s Pen

Esther is an easy-going, Jesus-crazy young woman with a passion for teaching people the truth and ideal of life, the Eden way.  She is a physiotherapist who resides in South-Eastern Nigeria and aims to propagate the ministry of reconciliation through any platform made available to her. She is a woman of diverse passions including music, theatre arts, poring through books and seeking the Truth. Esther is a vocal Christian (#NotAshamed) and longs to see a world where everyone, especially the youth, comes to their full potential and begins to impact their world positively.  She attends Bethel City church, Abakaliki, Ebonyi state. She is the author of Zoë Quiet Corner as well as an editor at The Warrior’s Pen.

Naza Odinaka
Demiana Odinaka
The Warrior’s Pen

Demiana is a bright and intelligent young woman. She is full of eagerness to know more about God and is not afraid to ask difficult questions in a quest to discover deep spiritual truths. She’s a purpose-driven and inspiring woman. She studied Forestry and wildlife management at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. She loves to sing, and decorate the church, and is always willing to be of service in the house of God. She attends Fire of God Bible Mission where she serves in the Choir and Decoration departments. She is blessed with a beautiful daughter. She is an editor and author at The Warrior’s Pen.

Miracle Raphael
Miracle Raphael
The Warrior’s Pen

Miracle is a soft lady both in heart and nature. Her purpose in life is to teach God’s word on every occasion. She loves teaching, singing, and reading. She’s a lady that lives for Christ, with a strong burden and hunger to serve God and to know more of Him daily. She is a Graphic Designer and a graduate of Computer Science Education from Nnamdi Azikiwe University (Umunze campus). She currently teaches at the Landmark International School and attends the church where her dad is the presiding minister (New Life Winners Church) and where she also serves in the choir. She’s an editor at The Warrior’s Pen.

Obinna Udeajah
Obinna Udeajah
Prayer Warrior,
The Warrior’s Voice

Obinna is a gentle and easygoing guy. He loves the Lord with all of his heart. Reading the Bible gets his creative juices flowing. He has a craving for reading, writing, and seeing great scenery. A graduate of Microbiology from Anambra State University, he currently resides in Accra, Ghana He’s originally from Ozubulu, a town in Anambra State, Nigeria. He is a prayer warrior at The Warrior’s Voice.