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Our Honorable Minister of the Gospel through Self Defense – Minister Job from the East, once made this statement as recorded in Scripture: “I made a covenant with mine eyes, why then should I think upon a maid?” – Job 31:1

And I found it rather weird that he made the covenant with his eyes yet it was the mind (thoughts) that he worked on. Shouldn’t the right thing be to make the covenant with his eyes and guard his eyes against looking at a maid/young woman?

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Previously, we saw that the way to find wisdom is to go through the land of the dead. No one would go through that land except they knew the importance and worth of what lies on the other side and then decide against all odds to get it.

When you desperately need something, you can do anything to get it, and your actions will tell everyone how important it is to you.

It was based on this theory that death and destruction (the pathways to wisdom) were asked, ” How many customers do you receive annually? What’s the exchange rate for wisdom?”

I like to imagine that they laughed and said, “We have heard thereof of her fame with our ears” (emphasis mine). End of story!

Death and destruction agreed that by way of words, they indeed have heard of wisdom. But rarely does anyone cross the path to actually look for her.

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“No one knows where to find it, for it is not found among the living.” – Job 28:13

A question was once asked, “Where shall wisdom be found?” Apparently, there was a frantic search for wisdom, and no one seemed to know where exactly to find it.

You know, many times in multiple-choice quizzes, when you don’t know which option is right, you start by ticking off the obviously wrong options, right?😏 The people in search of wisdom here applied this same technique. They said, ‘We don’t know where we can find wisdom, but we do know where it cannot be found. And one of those places, according to scripture, where you cannot find wisdom is in the land of the living.”

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