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I am Okore Esther but nearly everyone dear to me calls me Zoë. Let’s not bother about how the name came about, although it is an interesting story. We’ll probably find time some other time to go into it. For now, we’re here, and I am here to WELCOME YOU TO THE ZOË QUIET CORNER!

As a child of God, one of the greatest refreshments of spirit we can ever get is a time out alone with the creator. Such ‘escapes’ from the bustles of the world gives us the rejuvenation we need to live the Christian life without compromise, actively represent Christ on earth as we simultaneously showcase God’s light in us to the dark and dying world.

It is in such place of ‘koinonia’ – intimacy, fellowship – that God opens us up to deep truths and guidelines to aid for a smoother journey through life.

It is on the altar of such experiences in the School of the Spirit that I share the truths here, in ZOË QUIET CORNER (ZQC).

ZQC will more or less serve as a platform from where the Holy Spirit will expound some profound teachings necessary to reshape paradigms, walk this earth upright, blameless, effectively and fruitfully, even as we grow in grace and knowledge of God.

So, sit tight as we glean at the feet of the master, the equipment needed to change our lives, our society and the world at large.

Stay Blessed!

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