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Seeds progenitor trees and plants, and this shows that every seed has the proclivity of birthing forth a tree. Nonetheless, it is not every seed that is in the process of bearing trees. A seed on the table has the potential but is not in the process of bearing a tree. A seed in the ground however, has both the potential, and has initiated the process of bearing a tree. It however takes a lot of guts…and faith to put a seed in the ground.

The scriptures teach that, “He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.

Note that it is not he that goeth forth weeping that comes back rejoicing with sheaves. It is he that goeth forth weeping, bearing precious seed. Anything can cause a person to weep but those things do not necessarily promise a harvest. In this case there’s a reason for the weeping, and that is the alarm of dumping precious seed in the soil. This asset is precious but is being used as seed. Most seed can either be eaten or sown, but for someone to sow a seed rather than eat it, it’s a hard decision. It is unfortunate that many eat their seeds because the sorrow of sowing it is too hard to bear. It takes only guts to sacrifice pleasure for profit. So, while others are sleeping their nights away, you are swotting your night away. While others live ‘one day at a time’, you are ‘counting the cost’ for your life. While others are cheating their way to the top, you are living a strait life and following due process. While others are striving after prosperity, you’re striving after posterity. That’s a painful sowing period.

The scripture however says, “…doubtlessly…” Without a flicker of uncertainty, such sowers come back rejoicing. And what’s the spur for the joy? Their bounty harvest! Take time to sow. It will be painful staying in the place of prayer. It will be painful undergoing spiritual exercises. It will be painful eating healthy. It will be painful not cheating. It will be painful delaying sex in a relationship. It will be painful making investments. It will be painful trying to cover your scheme of work. It will be painful, nonetheless, sow. It will take bloody tears and tearful sweats, but sow. Cry if you must, but sow. Don’t eat your seeds because there’s a reassurance. An assuredness. A consolation. That at the end of the tunnel, the light will glow. That the crown of thorns will be traded for treasures. That the harvest will be worth the tears.

Psalm 126:6

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