This is Your Sanctification

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The pattern of change is from the inside-out

The message of sanctification was adored by patriarchs and fathers of faith. They understood that Christianity did not stop at coming into the fold of Christ. They understood that the nature of God and the nature of sin were miles apart, and that although there is an instantaneous swap at redemption, there is a need to consciously begin to live the new life. They recognized that although they sincerely handed the wheels of their lives to God, there were still traces of the old man lurking somewhere. This, they accepted as unacceptable and worked towards eradicating, but not by their strength.

They understood that salvation was a cheque but sanctification was the journey to cash out that cheque. The cheque was not of much use in the market. They would need to lay hold on the cash to make purchases. So they submitted themselves towards taking the demanding and often unpleasurable trip to the bank if only to have access to their money. Sanctification was a priority. They said it, sang it, and sourced it. They were ready to let go of whatever the inner witness authenticated as flesh. In fact, it gave them great joy to bear battle wounds for the eternal glory of becoming like Christ.

Then a new generation appeared, more informed but poorly schooled.

This new generation scraped hard at the word sanctification, with the aim of peeling it off the Divine Dictionary. The word itched, and poked at their hard layer of flesh. They understood grace and mercy…or so they thought. God no longer saw their sins as long as they were in Christ. They probably pulled a blindfold over the eyes of the Lord against their wanton lust for sin when they professed their Christianity. God didn’t count their sins against them. They repented. But they rejoiced in the cheque. They valued it. Celebrated it. Framed it even. They hung it on their living room and that was the first stop of exhibition whenever anyone came close to them. They had a huge cheque! It was a testimony.

But they remained poor. Poor in character. Stunted in growth. Unbalanced in doctrine. Lacking in righteousness. Hindered in true riches. They served a God that loved them the way they were. He was okay with their flare for lying. He had no problems with their lascivious thoughts and behaviours. He was cool with their negligence of Him and their unwillingness to commune with Him. He had no qualms with their quick temper and puffed up ego. He loved them just like that. In fact, He wanted them to remain just like that.

What I wonder is this, “Who lied to this new generation?” Who told them that sanctification was religiosity? Who informed them that the shedding of the old patterns of living was being anti-social? Who taught them that daily dying was not as important as, if not more important than, salvation? Who corrupted their doctrine?

When we look at the Patriarch Abraham, we see a beautiful idea expressed by his covenant with the Lord. But before that, suffice it to say that, THE LORD DEMANDS OUR SANCTIFICATION!


The Process!

Salvation happens to the spirit man. There is an automatic alternation and light sends darkness packing. This alteration of the sinful nature is only a decision away. No physical effort is needed from the person. Communion is reinstalled and fellowship is reignited.

After this, the real walk starts. In Jesus’ words, it’s a walk of bearing your cross (Matthew 16:24). In Paul’s words, it is the walk of “dying daily” (1 Corinthians 15:31) . With the rejuvenation of the spirit comes a realization of of the ideologies, perceptions, emotions, paradigms, notions, that do not align and agree with the character of the renewed spirit-man. Hence, the second phase of sanctification – mind renewal (Romans 12:2). In yielding to this process to the call for daily surrender of your will, you begin to conform more and more to Christ. To the glory of God, a good number of believers are at this point. But there is a third phase.

It is the phase of sanctifying the body. Many do not even know this aspect of sanctification, so this is insight to many.

Man is spirit, soul and body. The scriptures in 1 Thessalonians 5:23 revealed that the desire of the Lord is to sanctify us wholly – spirit, soul, and body.

The covenant of redemption, which is sealed by the blood of Jesus, was not intended to end at reviving the spirit. The end product of that work is when the body is also sanctified. Until we come to this point, we’ve not fully submitted to the covenant.

The Patriarch Abraham

Talking of covenants, we go back to Father Abraham and realize that the covenant he had with the Lord covered these 3 aspects of his being.

First, the Lord called him out of his kindred, similarly the way He calls us to be saved. The call to salvation is a call out of the world and its darkness and into the light of Christ. It is a call out of the familiar terrains of death and hell, and into a place “that I will show you” (1 John 3:2, Genesis 12:1). Abraham obeyed. Then the Lord told him that he would father nations. Abraham was said to have believed and was accorded the tag of righteousness (Genesis 15:6). We too believe in the redemptive work of Christ and are tagged, ‘Righteous, guiltless, sinless.’ Glory to God!

Afterwards, the Lord began a work on Abraham’s mindset and ideologies. Time and again, the Lord would remind Abraham of the promise, and based on what had happened in Abraham’s life, he sometimes had a hard time coming to terms with it. At a time, he begged God to use Ishmael as the promise. But with further fellowship, his soul was renewed.

This is the same thing that happens with believers. We are the righteousness of Christ but we still find it difficult to stop sinning. We have all riches in Christ Jesus but we still struggle with day to day obedience and our finances. We are seated with Christ in heavenly places, but we still find our demonic oppression in our lives. We can’t reconcile what God promised and what our reality is. But you see, it’s a walk. You don’t just arrive. You keep speaking and hearing the word until it becomes one with your spirit and blends with your soul. You keep believing the promises even when you don’t see the fruits until you have no other refuge outside the promise. You configure and reconfigure your mind by the word until the only things you can think, imagine, process, and produce is the word. You keep ruminating over the word until your system acclimatizes to the fact that it is either this word is true, or it is true (that is, no second option). Then your mind is renewed. Just like Father Abraham. You’re one step closer to perfection in Christ.

One More Step

But you see, here is the beautiful thing: the Lord is total. In Genesis 17, the Lord needed to complete the work of the covenant with Abraham, and He demanded circumcision. Read what He says about it in verse 13:

Whether born in your household or
bought with your money, they must
be circumcised. My covenant in your
flesh is to be an everlasting

Genesis 17:13, NIV

Wosh!! Didn’t see that coming! Check out the fuller story in Genesis 17:10-14

The Lord had to perfect the covenant to the ‘flesh’ level! This is powerful now. Remember the aim: Sanctification – wholly – spirit, souls and body. Nothing less would do.

And guess what? The Lord God Almighty still demands the bodily sanctification from us, even today! Erroneously (because I want to cut us some slacks), we hinge on the teachings of Paul where he mentioned that circumcision is not of the flesh but of the heart, (Romans 2: 29) and we rule out the sanctification of the body. But the same Paul expressed the bodily torments he had to go through from the same of the kingdom (2 Corinthians 11:23-28; emphasis on verse 27.)

Granted, the bodily sanctification has nothing to do with circumcision. But here’s the thing. It has everything to do with consecration!! You better go and read this paragraph again!!

Yes. You need to be set apart for the Lord. Now here is the twist: bodily sanctification is individualized and person-specific! Yea? In other words, bodily sanctification is exactly what God demands of your flesh!

Believers today are too scared to tamper with the flesh. They pamper it, nurture it, tend to it, gloss it over, and gloat over it. They do everything but kill the flesh. But that is not the way of the Lord. In this covenant, it is not optional. The flesh has to die!

The Lord puts some people to fast for 3 days and they explain how their ulcers will act up. He tells them to pray at night for a month, and they explain how early they need to wake up for work. He tells them to stop eating some foods or watching TV and they throw the excuses in. Flesh! Flesh! And all flesh! We cannot go far without the body being sanctified. The sanctification of the body is the final lap. If the Lord doesn’t dislocate your hip joint, you will hardly be qualified to bear the totality of His covenant. You must submit the flesh on the altar of sacrifice.

Keep It Orderly!

The order must be this way: spirit, then soul, then body. If you start with the soul first, you’re grooming a good sinner whose place remains fortified in damnation. If you skip the soul and plunge for the body after the spirit, you’ll groom saved but unconverted carnal Christians. The spirit must be enlivened first, then the soul renewed, then the body burnt.

This is the Divine prototype.

May the lord help us to yield our totality to Him. Amen.

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  1. Esther, I’m not done reading but it’s giving me godly sorrows that’ll definitely lead to repentance.
    This is a double edged sword!
    God bless you for this piece,It’ll put me and many others in order.
    Thanks for being an oracle of God.

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