Egypt or Eden?

Reading Time: 4 minutes

We are everyday faced with the conflict of decision making. To take tea or coffee. To make that trip or not to. To fix our rooms now or in an hour’s time. There are some who find decision making difficult. With so many varying options, it becomes increasingly important not only to make decisions, but to make the right ones. Usually, these options never seem complete. What this means is that, option A may have a part of what you need and option B would have a different thing which you also want. But unfortunately, that of option A is completely different from that of Option B. Maybe you need a phone that allows you to select any part of a song for a ringtone instead of compulsory starting from the beginning of the song. You find such a phone but sadly, you also need a phone that allows a split screen, that is, it allows for two applications to fit snugly into the screen at the same time. And that phone doesn’t support it. At that moment, decision making becomes more a battle of compromise than of choice.

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