30 Lessons Drawn from the Miracles of Jesus – #2

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#2. God often meets us at the point of our faith, not at the point of our need. (Matthew 8:5-13; 9:2; Mark 5:25-34; Matthew 14:34-36; 15:21-28; 9:27-31; John 4:46-53; Mark 7:31-37)

The Roman Soldier and The Paralytic Man

Anytime a challenge faces you, you can choose to trust God completely, like the people in the passages above. In reality, this is not a very easy task, however, it is a very possible one. In Matt. 8:5-13, Jesus seemed to indicate that He was searching for such kind of totally dependent faith in the world. He revealed this through His amazement at the faith of the Roman Centurion, ‘I have not found such great faith, not even in Israel.’ The Roman soldier, being a gentile (a sinner), and not even a jew, had such a great faith that was not found elsewhere, even amongst the Jews who had been anticipating and praying for the arrival of the Messiah. The paralytic man was healed because of the faith of his friends (Luke 5:18-20). This teaches us that we can stand ‘in the gap’, in prayer before God, on behalf of our friends and loved ones, believing Him for their healing, deliverance, salvation or any other good thing. God can come through for them, because of our faith. Continue reading “30 Lessons Drawn from the Miracles of Jesus – #2”