30 Lessons Drawn from the Miracles of Jesus – #22

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Be Good, even to Your Haters! (Luke 22:47-52)

Do Good even to Your Haters
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There are so many people who are not happy when they see us succeed in life. We call them haters! In our passage today, we have an account of Jesus’ betrayal and arrest by a detachment of Roman soldiers and some officials from the chief priests and the Pharisees (John 18:3) – His chief haters. Jesus’ disciples requested for His permission to fight back. However, one of His most devoted disciples (John 18:10) who judged His response too late a-coming, pulled his sword, (probably) aimed at the head of one of the attackers but missed his blow (most of His disciples were skilled in the use of nets for fishing, but not in the use of swords for fighting). He, instead, cut off the right ear of the servant of the high priest who was with the retinue. Jesus ordered that disciple of His to sheath his sword, then went the extra mile to heal the victim who had come to arrest and kill Him. Remember, Jesus does not perform any miracle to show off His powers. There is always a reason and a lesson for us in His miracles. So, what lesson is there for us to learn from this particular miracle?

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