30 Lessons Drawn from the Miracles of Jesus – #17

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Can You Flatter God into Healing or Blessing You? (Matthew 9:27-31)

Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash

In the passage above (Matthew 9:27-31), we read about two blind men who called Jesus by the name, “Son of David”. Their cry to Him by that name was supposed to reveal the deep extent of their faith in Jesus. Let me explain. The name, “Jesus,” (also Joshua) means “God is Salvation.” It was a common name at that time. However, the name “Christ,” means “Messiah,” or “the Anointed One.” From Old-Testament prophecies, the Messiah must come from the line of the great King David, and so, the Jews all expected the Messiah to be born in a palace, not in a manger. For this reason, they didn’t care about the ancestry of Jesus, since He didn’t meet their first expectation of royal heritage. Most of the Jews then did not believe in Jesus (and most of them still do not believe in Him to this day).

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