Why The Disciples Abandoned Jesus, And How You May Follow Their Footsteps

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Going over the Account of Jesus’ last moments with His disciples, including the Gethsemane prayer and arrest, I couldn’t help but marvel at how often we make promises we don’t fulfil, or take stands, we don’t sustain simply because those affiliations were made after careful planning rather than sole dependence on the Lord. We start out our God-assigned projects having done the mathematical and economic calculations, but having failed to employ the Almighty formular– divine strategy. The Lord gives us an instruction or an idea, and rather than ask Him who knows the end from the beginning to show us how to navigate through or what to do, we assume we have it all figured out. The end point is usually not pretty or productive.

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The Fasting And Prayer That Move Mountains

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Jesus promised that if we spoke to a mountain (anything that poses as a problem or challenge in our lives), even with a mustard-seed-sized faith, without doubting in our hearts, it would obey us and do whatever we asked it to do, including removing from its place and throwing itself into the sea (figuratively speaking) – Mark 11:23-24 (NIV); Matthew 17:20. In fact, in the first Scripture, He further promised that whatever we asked God for, in prayer, will be done for us. And in the second one, He ended with, “and nothing will be impossible for you.” What, then, are the benefits of fasting and prayer as Christians, you might ask, if we can only speak to a problem and get it solved? 🤔

The Question

The important question we find ourselves asking, however, is why is it that when we pray over a sickness or need, which is a mountain in its own right, we don’t always get answers? Come on, let’s face it. Sometimes (if not most times), we pray with so much faith (way bigger than a mustard seed; in our own eyes, at least) and no doubt soever in our hearts?

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